Eun-Kyung Park

August 21st, 2009 § 0

Dear Marcus,
As we talked about performance of Dr. Downey’s music in Korea. There will be a concert in May, 2010 and will perform all double bass pieces. So, they asked me to get the two of his double bass pieces which are “Recombinance for Contrabass and Piano (1989)”, and Solo piece, “Silhouette for Double Bass (1980)”.
They will choose one from them. Would you be able to get the scores and music and send them to me?
I am hoping that I can introduce his music to Korea every year if you agree with me. It’ll be great that I can listen to his music again in my country. Please let me know what I need to do in order to get them.

By the way, now my husband and I are in Korea and I’m teaching at my university where I graduated from as a music theory instructor. Dr. Downey always wanted to visit my country.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Hope you are well.


Eun-Kyung Park

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