Thallis Hoyt Drake Recording Secretary and Publicity Chair of the MacDowell Club of Milwaukee

June 15th, 2009  ·  comments: 0

This is a wonderful tribute to the memory of musical Milwaukee’s “First Couple”! Likewise to add, is that Piano Trio written by John Downey was commissioned by the MacDowell Club of Milwaukee for it’s 75th Anniversary which was premiered in 1984 by UWM’s violinist Leornard Sorkin and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra’s cellist Loren Brown with John Downey at the piano. During this years Milwaukee MacDowell Colony Centennial Celebration several of John Downey’s pieces were performed.
Likewise of note, Thallis Hoyt Drake founded Early Music Now in Milwaukee in 1986. Early Music Now has become one of the most distinguished presenting organizations of early music in the United States, and has expanded its activities to include both Madison, WI and Evanston, IL. Thallis was always very concerned to include educational and outreach events in addition to the formal concerts in her series, and the organization continues in that approach.

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