Li-Chin Lai

May 25th, 2009  ·  comments: 0

I will be performing John Downey’s “Eastlake Terrace” at a farewell dinner reception for the 2008-09 U.S. Fulbright Grantees and in honor of the retirement of Dr. Wu Jing-jyi on Friday, June 12, 2009 at the National Theater Concert Hall in Taipei, Taiwan.

In my search for piano pieces written by Fulbright composers, I stumbled across John Downey’s “Eastlake Terrace.” When I obtained the score, I was immediately struck by its impressionism and mysteriousness. Its extremely dramatic dynamic range and impressionistic tone color greatly interested me. I look forward to performing this piece, and I hope to play more of his pieces in the future.

Christine Hoffman

May 11th, 2009  ·  comments: 0

My husband Alan was a composition student of your father’s and I had had him for Form and Analysis and Counterpoint (he usually called me “Celesta” but there were other variants). Having grown up in rural Wisconsin, I was in awe of your sophisticated, and somewhat chaotic, household with all of the touches that matched your parents’ exotic natures and their love of beauty and culture.

It was an honor to see John again at Weill Hall in New York City years and years later.
Your dad’s classes were unique in many ways. Not so many years ago, I often played Bach in the evenings, in editions purchased for those classes and marked with analyses guided by your father.

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