John McWilliam

March 11th, 2009  ·  comments: 0

I had the unique and privileged experience of spending time working on the Downey residence as a painter during John’s later days. It was a beautiful setting of family love, music and friendship. Whether I was outside listening in or inside listening through, John spent his days playing the piano and I was the lucky listener. Being a musician myself and a fan for the abstract I profoundly appreciated John’s special genius. Sharing lunches and warmly hilarious conversations with John and his deeply compassionate family will always reside in my memories of caring love.

John McWilliam

Nancy L. Zimpher – President, University of Cincinnati

March 3rd, 2009  ·  comments: 0

Dear Marcus,
I couldn’t have been more pleased to receive your email about your father’s website.  I went to it immediately and it brought back such fine memories.  They were indeed an incredible couple, and while very meaningful to you as their child, so it was with all of us.  I can only recall how thrilling it was to travel to London in your father’s honor, to be present when the Philharmonia addresses his compositions.  How proud I was of John, UWM and what that moment meant for so many. 

Thanks so much for sharing with me. 

Fondly,  Nancy

Nancy L. Zimpher is former Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

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